12 Oct, 2014

On Standby.

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I am running a new charity for Save the Children again this year, it’s an annual event on the forum of KVR Audio and the past three years we have raised more than $43.000 for Save the Children through soft- and hardware donations on auction, all donated by sound developers in the audio industry.

After the fundraising, I got a rather time consuming sound project coming up and as so, Freedom Earth will be on standby.

4 Sep, 2014

The dilemma of asking for free art…

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I had an art challenge open in the Draw or Die community until the end of August. Thanks to Ricky (the admin) for allowing me to post in his house with his blessing, but since it wasn’t a “real” challenge and just some random guy posting, then it didn’t generate any submissions… not a single contributed avatar for the cause. I bumped it regularly and PM’d a few good artists about the project without luck.

I also discovered that the graphic business is full of pest, by that I mean speculative bullshit from people asking for free art, which is not okay. By that, I mean free art for someone elses profit “Hey… I got this project, I need this and that, it’s an unpaid position but I intend to make a profit out of it…” and if you are to make money out of something then pay the god damn artists for their job! Unfortunately, my project somewhat falls within the same category in the eyes of the artists, even though it’s non-profit and for a cause (no profit involved) so I’m just another guy asking for free art. Can people see the difference? Are they able to differ between free art for a non-profit cause and free art for someone’s profit? I doubt it. Don’t know… and to some degree I understand them.

I also wrote other communities, one of those was the Brainstorm community, I asked the admin John Park about a challenge for charity, he kindly declined telling me that he “had been involved in non-profit projects and they never ended well…” okay John. It required so little of you, but you could potentially be the groundbreaking change for an upcoming game. In my world, using the powers you got to help a good cause with almost zero effort will never be a wrong decision. Never. When that is said, John was friendly and gave me a few good advices along the way.

I am still struggling to find that guardian on the light side – the one who dares to run an avatar challenge for a non-profit cause…

Unity and Strength


7 Aug, 2014

4713 words and 16 pages later…

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It’s done! After three months, 27442 characters, 4713 words and 16 pages later… I have finally completed the very first version of Freedom Earth – Game Concept v1.0.

Right now, it’s on my Google Drive and I do have a backup copy. The document will change in a constant flow many times, even before a prototype of the game see’s the light of day. But it is here now, the gameplay and it’s content.

Next step is art and graphics to nicely wrap up the presentation of the document.

28 Jul, 2014

Draw or Die!

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A few days days ago I contacted Ricky Martinez, one of the admin’s of the Draw or Die community on Facebook. The Draw or Die is a digital art and painting community consisting of nearly 6000 members. It’s like the world’s most talented illustrators and digital artists in one place, I’m sure they don’t think that high about themself but that’s more or less the truth…

I asked Ricky if he wanted to host a challenge, where the community would create avatars to each the six charity factions in the game: The environment, human rights, poverty, animal welfare, child protection and health causes. He was up for the charity thing and agreed to air the challenge on their page and as of now, it has been well received. I am thrilled! This is absolutely amazing and together with Andreas Rocha who agreed to make the headers to the website, this is a great opportunity to take Freedom Earth a step further. You can see the challenge here.

Now I just need some better illustrations to replace my own terrible drawings in the game overview.

21 Jul, 2014

From 50% game revenue to 100% nonprofit!

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In April, I wanted to create a game that would give a substantial amount of game revenue to charity I was thinking somewhere above 50% when I first introduced the idea to Allan Rasmussen from Capnova and during my meeting with Michael Flarup. I later changed that to no less than 80%, keeping a safe 20% buffer just to make sure there still was revenue available, to keep development of the game on-track and to be able to pay back investors and to further invest in the game in terms of marketing, advertising etc.

But then again after having some thoughts about the project… Freedom Earth is about creating a visionary new way of fundraising to charities by connecting the planet in factions, fighting for different charity objectives, cross countries, borders, religion and skin color. I want this to be the change, helping others doing a real difference all for the better of humankind. Giving 80% of revenue is not innovative – it’s still just a business generating profit. I have decided to go all in and make Freedom Earth 100% nonprofit. I do not know, if that will make it more difficult finding investors to the development – but I really cannot see the game go any other direction since the primary goal is creating the future method of fundraising for charities with smartphones.

So be it…

Freedom Earth, 100% nonprofit.

Image of earth planet on hand

14 Jul, 2014

Twitter and Facebook.

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The social media’s are up and running and we have reached 140 Likes during the first days on Facebook, help us do even better! Every little follow, retweet and +like is important and will help us on the road to a game of charity / strategy.

8 Jul, 2014

Andreas Rocha will do the headers!

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The headers of the website are currently made out of stockphotos – not quite unique and not illustrating the game as I want it to.

So I contacted one of my favourite illustrators. His name is Andreas Rocha he is from Portugal. I know his illustrations from Deviant Art and also from the sound industry where his illustrations are front covers on some sample libraries, among them ‘Forest Kingdom’ by the generous and talented sound designer and composer Eduardo Tarilonte.

I wrote Andreas asking him, if he wanted to draw three headers for the frontpage, the game overview page and the blog page. His reply came promptly: “Hi Soren. Thanks. I can help you out…” how amazing is that! Taking into consideration the limited budget I could offer him, I imagine he said yes and accepted because of the charity aspect of the game – after all it’s for a good cause.

This will take the game in it’s pre-development phase to a whole new level.

Forgotten Places © Andreas Rocha


5 Jul, 2014

Game Overview is up and running.

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The Game Overview is up and running. It’s a game description boiled down to the absolute essence of the game, deriving from the complete game concept (which isn’t complete yet!) easily consumed for the reader without going into too many game details, only the basics: Strategy game combined with charity and coupled with countless hours of sneaky fun by obtaining rare resources and crafting units – but also with a goal of leaving the visitors wanting more: “I want to play this now, where can I support the development!”

I got some terrible illustrations to go with the description, that is… my own hand drawings in Photoshop + some amazing free game icons from my friends at game-icons.net and they could easily provide the enitre icon catalogue of Freedom Earth, why not. Thank you game-icons.net.

1 Jul, 2014

The AMC2014

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Warning! Non related Freedom Earth post ahead: So I went there, on the Ambient Music Conference 2014 in Helsinki where I was invited as a speaker. The past 14 days I have been finalizing my presentation. I spoke about the Star Wars universe, how Ben Burt created the laserblast, I introduced a drone from a windmill recorded with contact microphones, demonstrated a recording of Ant’s eating sugar on a contact microphone and did a live recording of the interior of an iPhone. Rusty from Soma FM was there, him being present inspired me to a future idea that I want to implement into the game… more about that later.

Frosted. Image taken somewhere between Helsinki and Copenhagen.


10 Jun, 2014

Crowdfunding – part 2.

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Two days ago I wrote Kickstarter and asked them if funding of Freedom Earth would be against their rules since it will give game revenue to charities:

Dear Kickstarter. I want to fund a game through Kickstarter, the game’s title is Freedom Earth and can be found via www.freedomearth.net. It will be a game development funding from start to finished. Once the game is launched and after the Kickstarter project is considered closed, part of the game earnings from the app store will go to charity – will that be against Kickstarter rules? Best, Søren H.
Founder of Freedom Earth

The answer came today from Project Specialist Luke:

Hi Soren. Thanks for writing in. Your project should be fine as long as you don’t promise to donate funds to charity. Best,

Now, that’s really great news! Both options are open now.