Game Overview

Concept and ideas below are subject to change. The illustrations on the iPhones below are only for demonstration purpose (they are my own terrible drawings!) and not the final game design. Game icons in the illustrations kindly provided by the authors of

Freedom Earth is the worlds first MMO charity fundraising game on your Android or iPhone. The objective is world domination. The land you battle for is the territory that surrounds you, it’s your city and your own country. There are six factions each representing a charity cause. The faction who conquer most land during a month (a season) is given game revenue, to donate to real life charity organizations!

Freedom Earth brings the fun back in fund raising. It’s very addictive and includes advanced game mechanics that will keep you busy for countless of hours laying sneaky strategies to encounter your enemy in the battle for land and protecting your territory with a wide range of traps and units. This is not the typical good vs. evil game, this is good vs. good because no matter the outcome, the winner will always contribute to a good charity cause. It’s a battle for world domination in order to save the world. Here’s a game overview:


Character Creation. You start by joining one of six faction, each representing a charity cause. What will YOU fight for: Environment, human rights, poverty, health, animal welfare and child protection. The factions got exotic names that reflect their charities: Environmentalists, Freedomspeakers, Profiteers, Euphorians, Wildsters and Child Keepers are the working titles.

At character creation you choose a male or female silhuet to represent your character and you also name you character – which is your callsign in-game and the name other players will see. Finally, you write a quote it can be a famous quote or just your own Earthly statement – what’s your legacy?


Conquering Land on foot. Conquering land is done in two ways. You can use your phones GPS, running or walking around an area to encapsulate it (see example to the right) it’s a great way to do exercise and can be linked to Endomondo.

This method is the safest and strongest way to conquer land as it turns your new territory into a fortress and makes it almost impossible for the enemy faction to take over as they must conquer the land in similar way you did, by physically running or walking around to the area.

The more land you conquer the more you level up.


Occupy Land with Remotes. You can also send out Remotes to occupy land. Remotes can be seen as “virtual clones” of yourself but using them doesn’t require any physical activity from you. Remotes are crafted by resources and they travel at the same speed as yourself, when walking or running.

Remotes are also used to carry and place units, since units cannot move by themself (see example to the left). Remotes can occupy unclaimed and neutral land, but they can also take over enemy land too – if equipped with an attack unit to do the job. Remotes cannot take over enemy land that has been conquered by foot (see above). When land is occupied and/or a unit is placed, your Remote will return to your homebase. You can have a maximum of 10 remotes – so choose wisely their strategic movement and the orders you give them.


Units, resources and devious fun! Each piece of land contains a wealth of resources that you collect when taking control of the land. Resources range from common to uncommon, to limited and rare and there’s over 40 different resources to discover and unlock. Even low level land can sometimes unlock rare resources too!

Many fun (and rare) units can be crafted out of these resources: Units that defend your territory turning your land into a fortress, traps that slows down your enemy, attack units that conquer enemy land in various ways, spy units that gather enemy intel, units that makes your remotes travel faster and units that assist your teammates to victorious glory with AOE effects – these can be sent to support in another city, heck… even in another country! That is, if you are patient enough and can spare the remote unit for a while.

There are force fields and intruder bots, cloak devices and traps – combined to form powerful chains of effects, like a real life tower defence game. You never know what’s hiding behind enemy lines and he will never know what he stumble upon when entering your territory.

The Winner and Charity. At the end of the month one winner per country is found. The winners are the factions who have gained control of most land during the past month (a season). The winning factions are then granted with game revenue to donate to charity organizations defined by their faction cause.

Example: You have joined the Euphorians (the alliance for Health Causes) winning the AUG2015 season, congratulations! You can now vote between three different charity organizations to receive game revenue, that could be (but not excluded to) Doctors Without Borders, World Diabetes Fund and World Child Cancer since your faction cause is about Health. After voting, the funds are split between the organizations.

Everybody wins! Humankind wins, you win, the children lives and the nature persists in it’s beautiful glory, you have fun and exercise and it’s all for a persisting better world… Freedom Earth, bringing the fun back in charity fund raising.

The battle for a better world has begun!