I had an art challenge open in the Draw or Die community until the end of August. Thanks to Ricky (the admin) for allowing me to post in his house with his blessing, but since it wasn’t a “real” challenge and just some random guy posting, then it didn’t generate any submissions… not a single contributed avatar for the cause. I bumped it regularly and PM’d a few good artists about the project without luck.

I also discovered that the graphic business is full of pest, by that I mean speculative bullshit from people asking for free art, which is not okay. By that, I mean free art for someone elses profit “Hey… I got this project, I need this and that, it’s an unpaid position but I intend to make a profit out of it…” and if you are to make money out of something then pay the god damn artists for their job! Unfortunately, my project somewhat falls within the same category in the eyes of the artists, even though it’s non-profit and for a cause (no profit involved) so I’m just another guy asking for free art. Can people see the difference? Are they able to differ between free art for a non-profit cause and free art for someone’s profit? I doubt it. Don’t know… and to some degree I understand them.

I also wrote other communities, one of those was the Brainstorm community, I asked the admin John Park about a challenge for charity, he kindly declined telling me that he “had been involved in non-profit projects and they never ended well…” okay John. It required so little of you, but you could potentially be the groundbreaking change for an upcoming game. In my world, using the powers you got to help a good cause with almost zero effort will never be a wrong decision. Never. When that is said, John was friendly and gave me a few good advices along the way.

I am still struggling to find that guardian on the light side – the one who dares to run an avatar challenge for a non-profit cause…

Unity and Strength