In April, I wanted to create a game that would give a substantial amount of game revenue to charity I was thinking somewhere above 50% when I first introduced the idea to Allan Rasmussen from Capnova and during my meeting with Michael Flarup. I later changed that to no less than 80%, keeping a safe 20% buffer just to make sure there still was revenue available, to keep development of the game on-track and to be able to pay back investors and to further invest in the game in terms of marketing, advertising etc.

But then again after having some thoughts about the project… Freedom Earth is about creating a visionary new way of fundraising to charities by connecting the planet in factions, fighting for different charity objectives, cross countries, borders, religion and skin color. I want this to be the change, helping others doing a real difference all for the better of humankind. Giving 80% of revenue is not innovative – it’s still just a business generating profit. I have decided to go all in and make Freedom Earth 100% nonprofit. I do not know, if that will make it more difficult finding investors to the development – but I really cannot see the game go any other direction since the primary goal is creating the future method of fundraising for charities with smartphones.

So be it…

Freedom Earth, 100% nonprofit.

Image of earth planet on hand