The headers of the website are currently made out of stockphotos – not quite unique and not illustrating the game as I want it to.

So I contacted one of my favourite illustrators. His name is Andreas Rocha he is from Portugal. I know his illustrations from Deviant Art and also from the sound industry where his illustrations are front covers on some sample libraries, among them ‘Forest Kingdom’ by the generous and talented sound designer and composer Eduardo Tarilonte.

I wrote Andreas asking him, if he wanted to draw three headers for the frontpage, the game overview page and the blog page. His reply came promptly: “Hi Soren. Thanks. I can help you out…” how amazing is that! Taking into consideration the limited budget I could offer him, I imagine he said yes and accepted because of the charity aspect of the game – after all it’s for a good cause.

This will take the game in it’s pre-development phase to a whole new level.

Forgotten Places © Andreas Rocha