Creating the worlds first MMO charity fundraising game!

I am tired of all the evil in this world… all the wars, the unnecessary poverty, the suffering of our children and animals and the ongoing mutilation of our environment happening every single day! I want to make this world a better place so I have decided that I will create an app that will become the most meaningful and fun game ever made – all for the benefit of humankind. There are some challenges along the road since I am not a game developer, nor do I have a million dollars in my back pocket to hire a game developer for a finished product. I am just a coffee enthusiast from Denmark and the father of two small girls (I also design sounds) and by the way, my name is Søren.

I follow you so far, what is Freedom Earth then?

Freedom Earth is an app, a real time strategy game on your Android or iPhone. You join one of six factions, each representing a charity cause: Environment, human rights, poverty, health, animal welfare and child protection. The objective is world domination. The land you battle for is the territory that surrounds you, it’s your city and your own neighborhood. The faction who conquer most land during a month (a season in-game) is given a considerable amount of total game revenue, to donate to real life charity organizations defined by your faction cause.

Freedom Earth brings the fun back in charity fund raising! It is meant to be insanely fun and very addictive and includes advanced game mechanics that will keep you busy for countless of hours laying sneaky strategies to encounter your enemy and protecting your territory with a wide range of traps and units. This is not the typical good vs. evil game, this is good vs. good because no matter the outcome, the winner will always contribute to a good charity cause: The battle for a better world has begun!

Count me in, what’s next?

You can follow my Blog which is meant to be a timeline from the start of the idea in April 2014 to what hopefully will become a game release some day. You can help by spreading the word, the more PR the better.

You can contact me and support the project with a donation or if you posses any knowledge that I can draw upon be it game programming skill, advertising, graphics, music or likewise… please get in touch.

Best, Søren H.
Founder of Freedom Earth.

* Use of the images in the headers, are with kind permission by Andreas Rocha.